Energetic Therapies

Energetic Therapies

Energetic Therapies (All therapies practiced can be applied to animals and humans)

The Emotional Freedom Technique
A meridian based therapy used to get to the core issues and release trauma associated with those issues. It is noninvasive and a very effective treatment for phobias, fears, behavioral issues and many others.
Other modalities similar to EFT I am trained in:  EMO Trance and Body Talk.

Energetic Healing
Energetic Healing is the process of working to correct energetic imbalances in the subject's energy field. The healer seeks to restore the flow of energy to its strong, natural and healthy state and correct any energetic blockages that are present, thereby helping to restore and maintain health to the body, emotions, mind and spirit- to all levels of the being.

Flower and Gem Essence Therapy
Essence therapies are energetic remedies for healing and balancing the body's electrical systems. These essences address the emotional, mental and spiritual issues that we and the animals are experiencing. According to Dr. Bach (a physician in the early 20th century) disease is the result of a conflict between our spiritual and mortal selves. Essences work to address these various conflicts that prevent man and animal from being true to himself.

A Flower Essence Therapy session involves a consultation regarding the issues, an energetic scanning of the chakras, meridians and auric fields, an analysis of the results and a selection of essences that resonate with the issues will be administered.  Essences will be custom blended for your particular issue.

These essences are comprised of spring water with the energetic imprint of the flower.  There is no actual plant material in the essence itself.

Essential Oil Consultations
Using Young Living Oils and for animals, Dr. Melissa Shelton's custom blends for a variety of issues.

Reiki:  Usui Shiki Ryoho
A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. it is based on Eastern traditions of bringing in the Universal Life Force to energize the physical, emotional and mental bodies of man and animal.

Please note:  These modalities do not replace qualified medical or veterinary care.  They can be used in conjunction with medical or veterinary treatment.  Often times a veterinarian or herbalist will recommend my services when they feel the emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient need to be addressed.